• THE WHITE ROSE: We Defied Hitler

    The Coterie 

    "Sterrett's performance acquires authority and ultimately becomes a poignant expression of idealism. In the final moments, after Sophie’s fate has been decided, she throws handfuls of leaflets into the audience — a last gesture that says: “I matter.” 

    -Robert Trussell, KC Studio

    "Sterrett is a deft dance partner to [Brand's] maneuvers...Her resolute yet disquieted Sophie, seeking an exit strategy, fields his verbal bombardments—and emotionally confronts her confinement’s dead end.

    -The Pitch, Deborah Hirsch

  • BEAT BUGS: A Musical Adventure 

    The Coterie 

    "Morgan Lynn Sterrett gives a stellar performance as Buzz. Her squeaking voice is wonderful as the fruit fly and the constant fluttering of her hands add to the persona of her character.

    -Steve Wilson, Broadway World Kansas City

  • CATS 

    Musical Theatre Heritage 

    "Morgan Lynn Sterrett is adorable! 

    This is the CATS we have all been waiting for."

    -Abigail Trabue, Perform ink Kansas City

    "The ensemble of 14 dancer/singers were uniformly terrific. I particularly enjoyed the performances of the cast members who played Grizabella... and Jemima (Morgan Lynn Sterrett)."

    -Mike Alley, KC Metropolis

  • As You Like It

    Kansas State University 

    "Of course, the leading actors were fantastic. Morgan Sterrett did a particularly good job using her expressions and actions to make the language more relatable. I believe full-heartedly this cast deserves a round of applause."

    - Kelsey Kendall, The Collegian

  • The Rocky Horror Show

    Kansas State University 

    "Then we began to add things up. Heck, director (and choreographer) Jerry Jay Cranford had a cast full of performers who could really sing. Noah Lindquist playing Frank N Furter— check.

    Hunter Nelson (as Brad, “Jerk!”) and Morgan Sterrett (as Janet, “Slut!”)—check."

    - Gary Clift, The Mercury

  • No Exit

    Kansas State University 

    " “No Exit” is the first show to be performed in the brand-new Purple Masque Theatre, The cast and crew of this show are making history with their performance. "

    -Mara Atzenhoffer, The Collegian

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